The Catalogue

The Catalogue


Since our working environment often has us interacting with a variety of people, developing excellent soft skills is fundamental for the wellness of the company’s culture. The challenge is to build a training session that is both useful and amusing at the same time.

Teatro dell’Eco can help you in this task, offering an exciting training catalogue    covering some of the most important soft skills, like:


Þ Communication

Þ Conflict Resolution

Þ Customer Service

Þ Team Building

Þ Leadership

Þ Creative Thinking


Build your own

Would you like to develop a specific skill or work out a solution tailored for your company’s need? Teatro dell’Eco offers you the possibility to create your own workshop. One of our coordinators will work with you to set your goals, analyze your needs, and create the right training for you. Once the program is designed, our     coordinators and instructors will lead the participants through a unique experience.


Our prices vary according to the type of workshop, the number of participants and whether the theme you chose is fully tailored. Teatro dell’Eco has the option to offer a reduced fee for Non-Profit Organizations.