Corporate Theatre

Corporate Theatre


Teatro dell’Eco offers workshops modeled on the Corporate Theatre concept, a medium focused on internal and external communication. This style is very popular in France and Italy and more recently has successfully emerged in North America.

Corporate Theatre is a tool that companies can use to train employees for improving several soft skills such as communication, team building, leadership, etc.

If your company is looking for a fun soft skill training Corporate Improv Training and Commedia Strategy are what you are looking for!



Corporate Improv Training applies theatre Improv practises on the classical soft skills training. Corporate Improv consents to learn and have fun at the same time; it especially has several advantages:


Þ Encourage creativity and “outside the box” thinking

Þ Allows for a faster learning curve

Þ Allows participants to see themselves in action

Þ Builds trust and openness within the group


The workshops guide the participants to create an improv play that includes a negative behavior and a creative way to overcome it.



Commedia Strategy uses as well some improv techniques but works deeper on specific roles such as the Customer Service Representative or the Leader.

Participants build a mask shaped on the characteristics they believe the role they are working on has and write a scenario for this character. Finally, they perform the scenario and improve the not-effective behaviors of the character they are exploring.

This workshop merges Improv with Commedia dell’Arte in order to create a safe place for creative change-makers. Through this training participants will energize, collaborate and produce innovation in a meaningful and permanent way for themselves, their team and their larger organization.


In both cases the result is guaranteed fun and a high level of content retention!